An Exclusive Christmas Experience!


Celebrate the birth of our Lord by taking an exclusive journey through our delightfully decorated Christmas store, nestled within the rolling hills of Bolton, Ontario. Discover the true meaning of Christmas and rekindle the joys of Christ’s blessings throughout the year.

The Sisters Touch of Christmas is an exclusive, fundraising, seasonal Christmas store featuring one-of-a-kind, hand painted ornaments by The Sisters. In addition to festive, gourmet, holiday bakery, the store is adorned with beautiful wreaths, garlands, illuminated décor, seasonal linens, nativities, timeless Christmas keepsakes and a large assortment of ornaments – personalized free of charge and so much more!

The Sisters invite you to join them in the Christmas spirit this season and experience a unique festive celebration, while discovering the wonderful gift ideas for your family and loved ones. You are sure to find the perfect yuletide gift!

"Silent Night"